Still Dreaming of Africa

We can't seem to stop thinking about our honeymoon in South Africa.  We stayed at the amazing Toro Yaka Bush Lodge on a game reserve just outside of Kruger National Park for 5 days and then made our way over to Cape Town where we stayed another 7 days.  We saw three of the Big Five animals (the big five are Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino) and from our photos you'll be able to see which ones we missed.

Cape Town is simply breathtaking in history, architecture and natural landscape.  The food and restaurants are also top notch.  What I was most impressed with was the way in which every business in the city was in someway committed to the conservation of natural resources and environmental sustainability.  It was also super easy to find locally grown organic fruits and vegetables served at every cafe and restaurant. I'm looking forward to seeing this type of effort from all establishments in Toronto.

While in Cape Town we stayed at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, which was one of the best decision we could have ever made. This hotel is ridiculously awesome and the views are to die for. We loved the restaurants, the High Tea by the sea, the spa and most importantly the concierge service. They were just so great to deal with.

Overall we felt safe and found the people of South Africa to be lovely, friendly people who went out of their way to be hospitable to us.  We can't wait to return for our 10th or 20th anniversary!

We drove for 5 hours from Johannesburg to Balule Game Reserve, on our way I caught a baboon running across the highway.

We stopped at the "Potholes" for some photos

See the "Potholes" carved out by water?

More baboons 

Our hotel, Toro Yaka Safari & Bush Lodge

The pool at sunset, overlooking a watering hole

The treehouse

Out for our first drive with the ranger
Black Rhino
This little guy was tagged by park rangers in an effort to curb poaching
So blessed to see this black rhino in his habitat.  Soon there may not be any left. So sad.
We were so close to this buffalo!

African Horn Bill

This buffalo has been rubbing against the bark of a tree, hence the red on his horns

A termite mound. These were huge. Reminded me of city condos.

A White Rhinoceros, these are so rare to find

We were able to walk right up to him, AMAZING!


Huge elephants on our night drive

Found a Preying Mantis hanging out on my leg

Flooding after all of the heavy rains we had
Find the zebra?
A European Roller having migrated to South Africa
An obviously right handed crab

Rain Clouds

Can you see what's in the background?

We stopped for a "sun downer" rest and these giraffes just kept coming closer and closer

Back at our lodge

Spotted Eagle
Largest lizard I've ever seen. It was about the size of a seven year old

My favourite animal, the graceful giraffe

A South African BOMA dinner prepared for us

We drove the 5 hours back to Jo'burg airport, and stopped at the Berlin Falls for a photo

I was as sick as a dog here, it took all my strength to get out of the car and smile for this photo
Lion's Head in Cape Town
Cape Town from Table Mountain
Lion's Head
Beach in Camps Bay
The Twelve Apostles mountain range
Camps Bay
The Twelve Apostles

The crazy winds blowing off of the building did that to the tree
Oldest lighthouse in Cape Town, Mouille Point Lighthouse

I love live plant walls. I'd like to do this to our fence.

The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town

Taking the cable car up Table Mountain

Eating lunch on the patio of Grand Cafe in Camps Bay

Our suite at the Twelve Apostles in Cape Town
We took a trip to Robben Island, the prison off the shore of Cape Town that Political Prisoners like Nelson Mandela were held.
View of Cape Town and Table Top Mountain from Robben Island

Nelson Mandela's cell

Making it back to Cape Town waterfront. We saw a whale on our trip back.

View from Chapman's Peak

The drive was a little scary. Our car was so close to the edge of the cliff.

Roads carved right into the mountain side.
Taking photos of penguins

Can you see the penguin? He's well camouflaged.


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