We tied the knot and have photos to prove it!

I've finally sorted through our gagillion wedding photos and picked out our favourites.
Our July 7th wedding was perfect. It started with a Ukrainian Church ceremony, followed by an outdoor Persian Ceremony right on the lake. Don't even get me started on the reception, held at Sunnyside Pavilion overlooking Lake Ontario, it was just such a magical night.

Totally worth the hours of planning and work that went into it. I made everything from the invites to the centrepieces, to the flower arranging, to the everything else you see in the photos... I'm exhausted, even six months after.

Our photographers were great and these photos were taken by Big Al Studios.



  1. Your pics are beautiful! Do you know if one is allowed to bring a catering company from outside?

    1. Why thank you Viki!
      As for the outside catering, I believe they do allow outside catering. Though there is no kitchen that the catering company can use, and so they would have to be self sustaining and be able to bring everything ready made. Not sure if Sunnyside has changed their policies since then. We used the Sunnyside Pavilion restaurant catering and our guests were raving about the food all night. Hope that helps!

  2. Hey there

    great pics and you made a beautiful bride. I just wondered - tables, linens etc do the y have this option or did you have to hire from outside and did you rent the upstairs? I would like to have our ceremony at the venue just wondering how we could do that and have the dinner there as well.

    thanks for your reply

  3. Hi Sunny, AMAZING job on your wedding!!! We are about to book Sunnyside Pavilion for our wedding June 18 2017, but the parents are concerned about a few aspects of the venue, i.e. how exposed to the elements it is (wind coming off the lake), how much work it will take to warm up the feeling of the grand cement space... would love to ask you a couple specific questions about your experience there if you don't mind. My email is marly.isen@gmail.com Thanks so much !

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