Busy Sunday and Superbowl Too!

I love productive Sundays. I woke up at 8:30 am to the sweet sound of the drill this morning as Andy was busy putting together the IKEA lack wall shelves that I had picked out the day before. The shelves are going in our kitchen where there is some extra space for a little bar area to house our keg-fridge.

I know, I know, aren't kegs for frat parties you ask? Well, they are also great for keeping ice cold beer on tap when you are entertaining. It also came as a package deal when I first met Andy, and so I've decided to embrace the awkward shape of the bachelor pad keg-fridge.

Here is the before image so far:


Another shelf will frank the other side. I will post the finished results as soon as I've finished making a chalkboard to take the place of the chandelier painting you see in the picture above. 

While at IKEA, we took a gander in the "as is" section and I was able to find a cabinet door that I could  use for $5.

There was a small hole on the bottom corner, and so I decided to fill it in with some wood filler and let it dry before I give the border a coat of white paint and the centre a coat of chalkboard paint.

 Andy then drilled a horizontal hole into the top back so that I had something to hang it with later.

I'll post the "after" photos once I've finished the chalkboard. I had to stop half way through this project because I had to get the Superbowl munchies ready. Andy made the awesome Chilli and I was in charge of everything else.  Overall, it was great to get so much done and still have time to catch the game with my peeps.

I'll keep you posted on the finished bar area soon.


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