DIY: Housewarming Gift

On the day of our wedding, our next door neighbours started a 7 month long house reconstruction on their little post war two storey home.  What sits beside our house now, is a gigantuous (albeit lovely) monster home.

They have since moved back in to their new(ish?) home and invited us over to have a look at the new digs.  I don't like to go anywhere empty handed, and so I thought I would make a batch of my yummy candied almonds... but then got lazy and decided that I would instead just fill a mason jar with almonds (not candied, just plain) and dried cranberries for a healthy alternative.

I figured that I could decorate the mason jar and attach a little tea light to the gift so that once they are done eating the contents, they can use the jar as a candle holder.

I used a clean Unico olive jar (always reduce, reuse, recycle right!), some left over vintagey scrapbook paper, one sheet of black tissue paper, a small length of tan raffia and pinking shears. I finally got the chance to use my The Paper Studio wax sealing kit from Hobby Lobby. Boy, do I ever wish we had Hobby Lobby in Canada...

Roughly measure out the tissue paper to cover the length of the jar. You can cut the edges with pinking shears if you'd like a little more decorative detail. I also find that the tea light casts a pretty pattern with the sheared detail.

Then glue the tissue paper in place, layer the scrapbooking sheet on top and in the middle, glue that in place, and finally wrap some of the raffia around the whole thing and knot in place.
The fun part is playing with fire and the sealing wax. Drip the wax right in the centre of the knot and seal in place. I chose to do this on both sides, you can just do one if you'd like.

Provide a tealight with the package, after you've given the jar lid a coat of paint (I used an acrylic paint, just to the top side) and fill the jar with whatever contents you would like.

Next try popping a tea light in there to see how the light bounces off of the  tissue paper. Here is what this one looked like:

 To finish it off, I added the almonds and dried cranberry and put the lid back on.

I put a new tea light in a small organza bag ( you could even glue it to the raffia probably) and wrapped it around the top, then added even more raffia and a paper tag (more leftover scrapbooking paper) and... Voila!


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