Magic Carpets: Making a Comeback!

Front entry


 Lately I've been dreaming of antique Persian rugs in faded reds and blues. Being of Persian background, lovely magic rugs and carpets were a normal staple in our home, and in every home of my friends and extended family. I recall being 3 years old and telling my little sister that she better be careful with her milk on our parents' beautiful Persian rug or else... such was the ingrained appreciation that was cultivated at a very young age for magnificent silk knots and patterns.
In university, I conformed and had the then popular look of factory made rugs in zebra print and what not that my friends all had. Thankfully, it seems that as I get older, my taste is getting a little wiser. The more I think about the craftsmanship and refined look of an intricately woven Persian rug, the more my heart races and my mind reels at all of the endless possibilities for where to place it.

I am looking for a super old one, and one day when we have outgrown our little house, we may actually even have some room to have one! Which is good, it gives me a chance to really search high and low for the one rug meant for me and the imaginary foyer that I had in mind when I created the collage above.


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