Party Prep: Food, Flowers and Fun

The hubster turned 33 last week and his party on Saturday was a blast. I had promised a mountain of food, and I am not one to disappoint.

The necessities included a variety of fresh antipasto, chips and dip, assorted veggie sticks and dip, hummus and pita bread, pine apples, star fruit, cheese and grapes, cupcakes, cake and fresh flowers.
We also picked up a hundred veggie samosas from the Samosa Sweet Factory; those didn't last very long. I chose to set out a buffet style table on our kitchen island, as everyone always seems to congregate in the kitchen anyways.

It was so much fun to have all of out friends with kids show up from around 6 - 9 and then the party animals showing up after 9pm.  It worked out perfectly with the size of our house and everyone fit with no breakage of all our tchotchkes... I can't believe how many of my friends are having babies! 

I love me some fresh flowes. I chose five bunches of white tulips and half a dozen coral roses. The greens were freebies that my favourite florist Melissa of Bloor Village Flowers threw in.  I have some sort of an inner florist in me and I refuse to buy flowers that have been pre-arranged. I really love buying loose flowers and arranging them myself, I'll do a flower arranging tutorial one of these days.

The whole night went by in a whirlwhind. Andy keeps telling me that his favourite part was the Snickers cake I picked up for him. What can I say, the man likes his Snickers candy bars.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and I wish my love 80 more happy, healthy years!


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