Snow Day Friday!

Tomorrow we're having a small get together for Andy's birthday and having close family and friends over.

I would like to lay out a lavish table of yumminess.  It's going to be a mountain of finger foods, munchies, veggies, fruits and cheese... and I'll get started as soon as I get a chance to pick up the groceries. My shopping list is ready but I'll have wait until the day of to actually prepare anything because as you can see by the shape of our street, I am not going out to the store with roads like this.  We are so far south that we are always the last street to get the roads plowed.

Since we are also running low on groceries, it'll be a good chance for me to use up my frozen leftovers for dinner. I'll post photos of the party table tomorrow, for now, I'm putting on some cozy sweats and cleaning out the freezer.


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