The Art of Recycling: Gift Box

Anytime I reuse or recycle something old into something new, my husband sings me the "recycle cycle" song from this childhood Canadian tv show we both used to watch.

It's total nostalgia when I hear this wacky song, but perhaps it was wholesome, educational programming like this that made me more conscientious about the environment.

Anyhow, I haven't done anything spectacular lately in terms of turning trash into art, but I did repurpose an old boring white box into a pretty gift box worthy of a Chapters $15 price tag.

I was thinking of throwing this dented, boring box into the recycling bin cause it was ugly, but felt guilty about throwing a perfectly usable item away.

I also always feel bad about all the paper that is wasted on envelopes for pretty birthday cards, so I decided to cut up one of Andy's birthday card envelopes to use as a detail.

 I glued some pretty scrap paper that I had lying around to the front of the box (it hid the logo on the box quite nicely) and punched four holes into the the envelope scrap to thread leftover ribbon from my wedding through.

And voila, no card required. I'll just write a birthday greeting on the green.

Now you can go sing yourself a little do da.


  1. oh man, I'd forgotten about that song! Now I'm going to be singing it all the time. hah.

    1. hahah, should I say sorry? It's just so catchy! :)


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