DIY: Planter Presents

Gardening has been on my to do list lately, but with the permafrost out there, I figured I could get started indoors. I have a few house visits to make for the start of spring, so I thought making little plant presents would be the perfect gift, these will also be perfect for Easter or Mother's Day presents to make sure you don't show up empty handed.

Start with your favourite greenery. I chose two different types of Ivy, some Spanish Fern and some Confetti Rose. 

I picked out 3 acacia wood bowls made in the Philippines to use as the planters. I just love the colour and the smoothness of the wood. You can get the bowls at Crate&Barrel.

I filled the bowl with some enriched potting soil.

Squeeze your first plant our of its plastic container and separate it from the roots. One container of this small Confetti Rose was enough for all three planters because I made sure to carefully separate three stems directly from the roots.



Add the rest of your plants in the same way, stepping back to look at the composition of your planter. You want to group the plants in a way that has symmetry and balance, but still looks a little wild. Be sure to water your plants once you've placed them in the soil.

 For a touch of spring, I  bought a package of decorative eggs from the dollar store to use as an accent. Cut the wire stem to a shorter length.


At this point you can add Rocks, or little clay frogs even. 

I like them so much, I think it's going to be hard to give away!

Happy Spring!


  1. So pretty. I love those pink polka dot plants, too. Bought some this summer for a container garden and they are growing like crazy!


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