Eating Healthy On The Road


Eating healthy on the road is really hard to do.... especially in small town America, so I find that a little bit of scoping and planning go a long way.
We rely so heavily on Yelp that I'm always surprised when people tell me they don't know what it is.
I love finding local gems through the app, whether it be restaurants, cafes, fitness classes, gyms or boutiques, and love reading real reviews that tell me whether a restaurant serves healthy food, has courteous staff or keeps you in long line ups.

With that said, I also take some reviews with a grain of salt, as most people can't seem to tell the difference between a healthy meal and an artery clogging chemically processed sh*t storm.  What I mean by this is that just because a restaurant promotes that it uses fresh local produce, doesn't mean it's healthy when it has been fried to inches of it's life and smothered in 8 layers of cheese. 

Nevertheless, our yelp search was successful this time and we came upon a restaurant called Key Ingredients For Life in West Virgina that served tasty meals made with fresh local ingredients.
I got a light beer, the tomato and garlic soup to start, and had one of their whole wheat wraps.  The side salad was a massive dinner plate of kale, broccoli, cucumber, tomato and celery. Yum. My only complaint would be that the wrap was actually pan fried to get it a little crispy, and so it was a little greasy... see what I mean by having to be careful when looking for healthy options?

I usually end up being one of those annoying people that ask the following questions:
  1. Can I have the dressing on the side?
  2. Is there cheese on that? (Of course there always is, which leads me to my next question)
  3. Do you mind holding the cheese?
  4. Can you go easy on the oil?
  5. Is there any way you could toss that in olive oil instead of butter?
  6. Can the kitchen make that as dry as possible? (sometimes I get blank stares after this question, so I explain that it means cooking with no oil/butter/lard, or if they absolutely must, just using a bit of cooking spray)
  7. Can I get that on a bed of greens instead?
  8. How do you prepare that?
  9. Can I get olive oil and vinegar instead of butter for my bread
  10. Do you have a whole wheat option
I imagine I must get a load of eye rolls (if not worse) once the server takes my order to the kitchen, but I don't care. Putting good food into your system is uber important! It fuels your cells, regulates your blood sugar levels, your hormones and promotes good skin, plus, I hate ruining all of my hard workouts by stuffing myself with crappy food.

I like to think Eat well, Train hard, Feel good, Take good photos!  :)

After lunch, I snapped a photo of 6 classic cars just hangin' out. How perfect. These next few shots are exactly the type of scenery I imagined seeing when driving down south.


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