In Mint Condition

I just bought a pair of mint jeans and boy, am I ever excited to be adding some new colour to my wardrobe.  Of course I'm doing all this shopping in anticipation of spring, which has already come upon us without even a hint of warmer temperatures... but you can bet I'll be freakin' ready when it's here.

For now, my warm weather clothes sit in the closet in brand new condition, just asking to be worn, so I'm going to pack them for our little trip to the south this coming long weekend. Is it weird that I'm just looking forward to sitting at a Starbuckers (as Andy and I lovingly call our dealer of all things coffee) and sipping on a soy latte?

Fine, I'm also really looking forward to the antiques I can find in the US and also hitting up Target.  I know that Target finally opened on this side of the border, but the prices aren't the same (way higher in T.O.) and even the selection varies.

Aside from planting my butt at a Starbucks, the two other activities will require long hours on my feet, so flats are the only way to go. Which remind me, my shoe closet needs some organizing as does my whole wardrobe. Does anyone know of a good clothes swap club?


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