Low Calorie Lunch: Capered Quinoa & Eggs

As much as I like to eat healthy, I can't help but be too lazy (or busy) too cook sometimes... So I've figured out a way to plan ahead for those days.

My Quinoa Tuna salad recipe is a weekly staple in our home, so when I am making the quinoa for that, I make enough for about 5 more meals.  This means that I make a large batch of quinoa (about 2.5 cups of uncooked quinoa) and refrigerate the leftovers.

Today I added a tablespoon of salty capers to a lightly sprayed (with olive oil) pan and sauteed them a little bit before adding a smidge of my favourite sundried tomato paste.  I then added a cup of cold cooked quinoa to the pan and give a good stir until everything was hot and sizzling.

I dished out the quinoa and went back to the same pan to add another light spray of olive oil to fry 4 eggs over-easy. You can add salt and pepper to taste.

While the eggs are cooking (on low), slice up some cucumber to go as a side.

I love when the eggs are runny as they coat the quinoa and make it seem all creamy. I get that some may think this is gross. I say to each her own :)

I made two servings (Andy ate with me) and judging by the food log on Calorie Counter, this complete meal was a total of 356 calories per serving. This, of course, is an approximate calculation, and I put more olive oil in the calculation to make up for the oil that is already in the pre-cooked quinoa, but all in all I love having a yummy meal for under 400 calories!


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