Friday, 29 March 2013

Road Trip Long Weekend

Road Trip Weekend

It's Good Friday holiday today and Andy and I took off on our little road trip to the Carolina's late last night. We're so excited for warmer weather and some stateside shopping. Before we left, I made sure to pack a soft cooler of veggie sticks, fruit (I always make a large fruit salad to use up of all the fruit in the fridge), water, almond milk (for my coffee) and some munchies (the unhealthy ones are a small treat saved solely for road trips).  Pack in a small icepack and the cooler is usually good for 2 days depending on the temperature outside. Then I made sure my ipod was full of music, my travel blanket was in the car, and my fuzzy slippers were in the front seat.  I find Andy loves the car temperature pretty cold, so a blanket and slippers are a must for me.

Right now I'm blogging from a rest stop (thank goodness for free wifi) but once we get to our hotel, I'll try to upload the photos of the amazing haul from today's antique shopping. You will NOT believe what we bought today... In fact, I may even save that reveal for much later, when I've found a place for it in our house. You're seriously going to love what we picked up!

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