Waiting for April

This morning my very thoughtful better half asked me what I wanted for my birthday even though my birthday is not until April!  I told him that I just wanted warmer weather, but now as I sit to think a little more about it, I think I would like to plan a little trip to get just that.

A few years ago, we did a 12 hour road trip to Virginia and I could not believe how magical down south USA was at that time of year. The above photo is actually from the Edgar Allen Poe House and Museum — Pretty isn't it?

In Toronto, I've had a few birthday's that were buried under 2 feet of snow so to see trees blossoming and daffodils in full bloom in April would be fantastic.

I love road trips with Andy. We always end up in someone's converted barn/antique shop. Some of the best antiques I own I've been able to find in good ol' US of A... just the prices as compared to overpriced T.O. would boggle your mind.

All this is making me super excited and I may even be able to forget that I'm going to be yet another year older (eek!).


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