TGIF: I'll Be Busy Searching for Light Brights

I Heart Light Bright

I've been obsessing over vintage marquee signs.
Driving through the south has been making me think that I'd love a big old rectangular one as a massive headboard.  I would use dimmed light bulbs for softer mood lighting and have a little clever blurb like "sleep tight, dream bright" or something like that. Andy's game for one, he gets my vision, he's just not game for lugging one all the way back home. I don't blame him, I tried my hand at lifting one, and almost broke my back.

We've been having a good time taking pictures of/with them. Andy thinks I'm weird that I want to take photos standing next to them, but I think the signs look better with as Vanna White.  Wanna buy a vowel?

Andy noticed that someone had been playing the word game and that he wanted to buy a "K".

Of course. The first sign we manage to get a picture of has the beginnings of profanity. Next.

I like this sign even more, the red is all rusted over and the size is perfect...

...except I can't even get it to budge, and it would be terrible to try and take a sign belonging to a roadside church. These ones below are so great.

I absolutely love this green one below.  It fits me to a "T" ha! A guy almost pulled out a shotgun when we pulled onto his property to take this photo.  I think it's a sign that I have to find one of these things the legit way and order it online for copious amounts of money.

I'm sad to leave this. Can you just imagine it against an exposed brick wall contrasted with chic, fluffy bedding?


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