House Tour: Our Living Room

Our whole bungalow is 1100 square feet. Small, but livable.  Our living room needed to function as a living space, complete with a dining table, as we don't have a separate dining room.

I love pretty things (some may even call it tchotchkes) but I also love a tidy, clean home, so everything has a place and most things serve double functions. I also prefer to buy old and antique, so as not to do more environmental damage by buying new.

Our antique chest/coffee table is used to house our vast collection of wine glasses, and our side chairs (from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore) can be pulled back for more seating around the dining table.
Our antique couch was once unwanted by others and sat with a broken leg, all set for the dumpster. I had the couch cleaned, the leg fixed and even used it for lounge seating at our wedding (the colour was perfect for our theme). I try to only introduce items that we absolutely love and have a meaning to us.

I can't resist the beauty and craftsmanship of Sid Dickens tiles, and am lucky that Andy has been giving these to me as gifts on our shared special occasions.
I love the shape of large glass wine demijohns. Though we don't ferment our own beverages in them, I like to use them as aesthetically appealing vases and natural humidifiers.
 I have a large collection of decorated eggs. The large black and white Ostrich egg was made for Andy and I specifically for our wedding day. The Cigar Tin is from one of our antiquing escapades and the brown floral tile is from an old Victorian house from the 1800's that we bought on Portobello Road in London.

 Our little bar pays homage to the Mad Men era. We bought the typewriter on a road trip to Milwaukee, and the ornate mirror from our favourite antique shop in Volo, Illinois.
 I like to mix old an new. The orange and blue vases are from West Elm, while the flower frogs and light bulb salt and pepper shakers are from antique stores.
I designed this dining table from scrap wood that we salvaged from our office when we first moved into the house. The base is an antique drafting table base that the top is cantilevered upon. Andy rolled up his sleeves and put it together for me in less than a few hours.

This charming little built in cupboard is original to the house. I often wonder what the first item held in there would have been.

I love the look of blue glass telephone insulators, but I am mindful of space and have only limited myself to a maximum collection of four insulators.


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