Whirlwind Weekend

These past few days have been so crazy that I have a few different things to fill you in on.

Friday Night: Andy and I had a date at the Art Gallery of Ontario to check out a new exhibit.  Now we really want to go to Florence. Seriously, we couldn't help feeling like it was time for another European get away.  After the exhibit, we had an awesome dinner at Sambuca Grill, even though we were originally supposed to eat at Frank.  See my Frank rant here.

Saturday Morning: Got up early and headed to the gym, cause I'm workin' on my fitness... then went to the Home Depot to buy a gagillion plants for the garden. Spent 2 hours in the backyard planting flowers, and I'm so happy that with the turnout. In the afternoon I started and finished my first sewing project ever.  My awesome MIL gave me a brand new sewing machine and lessons and I decided to create a couple of outdoor cushions for the patio furniture. Loving the end results.
I used 100% cotton fabric in stripes and florals, and made sure to use an eco friendly filler made from recycled plastic bottles.

Saturday Night: Andy taught me how to play beer pong right before we headed to a housewarming party/beer pong party.  Our friends bought a lovely home and it was so nice to see them so happy.  Andy and I had to leave for another good friend's birthday, but not before winning all three of our beer pong matches. Good to see my hand-eye coordination come in handy for something.

Sunday Morning: We headed to Andy's parents' place to make his mom some brunch for Mother's Day.  We made eggs, chicken bacon (74% less fat), whole wheat french toast (with almond milk instead of regular milk) served with a fresh sugarless strawberry syrup we made on the stove and transported with a mason jar. Freshly squeezed orange juice was also on the menu.
Sunday Afternoon: Got in some training by doing this 20 minute HIIT Tabata workout by Fitness Blender:

Sunday Night: We made our way over to a sushi restaurant to celebrate my mum and sisters for being such great mamas. I ate way too much food. Right before we arrived at the restaurant, the temperature dropped dramatically, the skies opened up, and a hail storm took over.  So odd, the weather has been summer-like for the past two weeks, and now that I've planted flowers, there is a frost warning... just my luck, check out this quick photo I snapped up en route. Crazy huh?

This week: I have some new recipes and craft projects I'm working on and I am hosting a dinner party for some of Andy's colleagues. It's another busy few days, but that just means more things to blog about!

Have a great week!


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