Taking Better Photographs: Babies

Isn't he just precious? This is Rowan, the adorable baby boy of a good friend of mine. I am simply in love with him and his personality.  This is the happiest, sweetest baby I've ever met, and I just couldn't wait to practice my photography skills on such a great little subject.

Since making my very first light box to help me take better photos, I've been trying to learn how to take professional looking photos in different situations. I recently asked a photographer friend for some tips on how to take better photos of babies and children and here is what I got out of it so far:


1. Documentary vs Portrait


For these shots, I chose portrait as I wanted to capture Rowan's personality. This meant that we took him out of his regular environment and focused in on him instead of capturing him in an everyday situation.


2. Indirect Lighting


Lighting is probably the most important aspect of perfecting your craft. Direct sunlight can be too harsh, so I opt for a spot with even shade so that I don't get shadows.


3. Find the Angles 


I have two suggestions: Get down low and get close up. 


Getting close ups of a baby is a great way to improve the angles and make your shots seem more intimate. I opted for a longer focal length for the really close shots as I didn't want to freak him out by sticking my camera into his face.

I really loved photographing this little guy. Does anyone in Toronto have any kids or pets I can practice taking photos of? If so, leave me a note in the comments below!


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