Wisconsin Wedding Weekend: Kate & Dan

We just attended our first wedding of the season and it was a blast. My good friend Dan (from first year of uni) married the lovely Kate in her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin.

The day started at 2pm with an amazing church ceremony. One of Kate's bridesmaids sang a song for them that gave me goosebumps. I wish I had that type of talent! The bride looked absolutely radiant and the groom looked giddy with happiness.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but overall, their wedding was relaxed, rustic and really fun. Dan and Kate had met in ballroom class and you really felt the dance floor come alive when the two of them were on it. Who knew that a guy that tall and lanky could move so well?

 Andy and I had a really great time and wish them a lifetime of happiness.


  1. Sanaz, Dan just shared this link with me...what a beautiful post! Thank you for the lovely photos- we're so happy you had a good time in Madison :)

    1. Kate! I'm so glad you like the photos, I had great subjects to work with! Hope to see you guys in T.O. soon. XO


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