Our Wedding Video: One Year Later


Thinking back to our wedding day, I can't believe a whole year has gone by so quickly. It feels like it was yesterday that I was just putting together all of the gazillion diy details together for it.

We've been so busy living, working and traveling together that we haven't had a whole lot of time to think about printing any of our many wedding photos or for me to edit any of the video footage that my friend Mathew took of the wedding... But I've finally done it, I've finished editing the 7+ hours of video that he took, and I've compiled it all into a short 3 minute video for you.

Just so you're prepared, my next few posts will also feature some of our photos and details as well. Don't get sick of us yet! :)

It seems that the video feature shows up on blogger mobile, so here is the link to Our Wedding Video.


  1. Hi Sunny! I have booked my wedding at Sunnyside Pavilion for this June and came across your lovely pictures in my "googling" :) I wanted to ask if you had any success in negotiating with the management company on any of the pricing? They are being super tough with me and I can't tell if his hands really are tied or he's just playing hardball. Would appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!! My email is alrocks@hotmail.com and my name is Alison :)

    1. Hi Alison!
      Congrats on getting married soon!
      I wasn't able to get the price down very much either, as they kind of have a monopoly on beautiful open space waterfront venues in TO. Actually, I'd be a little careful and on top of them on the day of your wedding as well. We even paid extra for the premium bar, but later we found out that they failed to actually serve the top shelf premium stuff we paid for. They apologized after and gave us the booze they had bought for that very reason, but I'm still kicking myself for not double checking on the day of.
      Good luck!


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