Wedding Month: My High Tea Bridal Shower

Looking back to the day of my bridal shower, I can honestly say that I would not change a single thing. I'm usually not one to enjoy relinquishing control of the party planning, but I was so busy with planning the wedding, I had no choice but to leave everything up to my sisters and my Maid of Hon.  I'm so glad that I did though, because they did a fantastic job and I was blown away by all of the amazing details they put into every aspect of it.

First they emptied out my parent's living room and brought in rental tables and chairs for the day, that really set the scene for the tea party. Next they set out to create lavish vignettes of scrumptious tea sandwiches (these clever ladies catered in the sandwiches, so smart!) and sweets. They also laid out fine china, gave guest a choice of a million different types of teas and decorated the tables with candles, pearls and antique trays.

The events of the shower were so much fun. They really took the time to think of fun games (tea trivia as opposed to the usual wrap the bride in a toilet paper gown) and actually started the party by standing up one by one and talking about their favourite memory of our relationship/friendship together, and giving me one marriage advice each. Each and every guest did this, and I cannot tell you how special this was and I will probably remember that part most, even when I'm old and senile. I feel so lucky to have such amazing sisters, and a best friend like my maid of honour, who's really a sister from anotha motha :)


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