T-Shirt DIY: Make a Super Cute Racerback Tank

I've been going through clean gym clothes like crazy lately. I'm sick of paying an arm and a leg for trendy Lululemons and I actually find that I like the comfort of t-shirts more, so I went out and bought a bunch of t-shirts to wear to the gym.  I find t-shirts look a little square and boring on me, so I did a bit of no-sew DIY and cut the t-shirts into a racerback tank top. The end result is super comfortable and looks way more flattering on me.

It was super easy to do. I just cut off the sleeves, starting at each shoulder and cut all the way down to the hip on both sides. I then cut off the collar and used the scrap to tie around the back to create the racerback. I got the idea and directions from this blog, I just made my cuts longer so that I would have more sports bra showing and did two more knots around the shoulders to create thinner straps.


  1. oh great! I was just going to buy a new shirt for gym.. now I have changed my plans, just need to go to sh ;) thank You! Oh, and by the way- You're a very pretty girl! :)

    1. I'm so glad you're going to give this shirt cut a try! Let me know how it goes -and thanks for the compliment, you're sweet!


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