Fake Fall Flowers For My Front Door DIY

I'm not a fan of the Dollar store. I don't like being affronted by all of the plastic fumes reeking from every item off of the shelf and I feel bad when I see every item labelled as disposable.

I try very hard not to be a mindless consumer, and so every purchase I make has to be something I'll use for a long time to come and have very minimal plastic used in it.

With all that said, I have been looking for flowers to "fallify" my spring and summer wreath. I have a Forsythia wreath that I use throughout spring and summer, and looking for the perfect fall coloured flowers to spruce it up with.  I want to be able to take the flowers off and keep reusing the wreath for spring and summer so a glue-gun is my adhesive of choice.

I bought 6 orange hued peonies from the Dollarama. I took 3 of them off of their stems and used a small dot of glue-gun glue to adhere them to the wreath. I then stuck the other 3 into my outdoor urn for a bit of continuity. My outdoor urn is a mishmash of birch branches I bought for 3 dollars, real sweet potato vine I planted in late spring, pussy willow branches I got at Easter time (I just stuck them straight into the soil), and fake forsythia branches.

I'm happy that once spring rolls around, I can yank the flower off and just use the plain forsythia wreath on its own... And here we have it, my final products!


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