Fit Fridays: Handstand Progression

I'm so excited! I can finally hold my handstands unsupported and for a longer amount of time! As you may remember from an earlier post, I have been practicing standing in a headstand for some time now, and now I can finally hold it for a few seconds without any support. It's taken me some time to strengthen my shoulders and core to support myself, but I feel so much more stable, even though I end up tumbling down after a few seconds...

My next goal is to try to take a few steps on my hands and in the mean time I'll continue to work on my chin-ups and core to get stronger.

While I was practicing, I caught a great view of the Toronto skyline. Labour day has come and gone and summer is pretty much over. I guess it is time to take my practices indoors, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll keep training over the winter and hopefully post a video of me taking a step or two on my hands by next summer... here's hoping.


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