Thursday, 21 November 2013

Best Trip to Southern Italy: Ate Too Much Cannelloni, Drank Too Many Cappuccinos

The Hubs and I just got back from our trip to Southern Italy. We met up in Sicily and rented a car, driving from place to place and staying in Taormina, Palermo, Matera and Sorrento. The views were amazing, the food was insanely fresh and delicious, and the coffee was too die for. My one complaint is that there was a lot of garbage and litter, which most people seem to ignore about Italy or have just become desensitized to. I'm not sure if it's the tourists or the Italians themselves, but I'm going to do another feature on this in another blog post.  For now I just wanted to tell you I'm back, feeling refreshed and in love with the natural beauty of Italy and it's people. I'll be sure to post another blog with all of the amazing photos I took, hopefully you wont be sick of Italy by the time I'm done posting all the pics.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Travel: Magical Malta

Magical Malta

I am currently away on business in Malta. I miss the lake, but I guess I can't really complain about being by the sea can I? Also, the architecture here in Malta is amazing. The first season of The Game of Thrones was filmed here in Malta and I can't help feeling like I've traveled back in time and about to witness some other worldliness stuff. I've been here for a week and tomorrow I'm off to Italy, I'm looking forward to consuming copious amounts of seafood and pasta, and taking some magical photos of my own. Ciao Bellas!

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