All the Pretty Pretty TEA Things: Moroccan Tea Sets

I have always wanted a Moroccan Tea set and low and behold, I finally got my very own set.
The other day my hubby returned from a business trip with this lovely gift. I thought he was being thoughtful and sweet, but turns out his coworker Oumnia (whom I had recently met at his company Christmas party) was the real thoughtful one and had sent me the lovely gift. She is originally from Morocco and is so sweet for actually listening to me blurt out my love for Morrocan tea sets as soon as I found out where she was from.
I couldn't help snap a bunch of photos for you as soon as I opened the box and if you want your own set, you can find a set at Pier1 Imports too, no trip to Morocco required (though I can't wait to do that real soon too).


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