Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Decorating A New Place: Second (Hand) Time Around

Mid-Century Mix

I just can't believe it. In a few weeks, we leave our beloved Toronto bungalow to move to Chicago! My husband and I are going to be living in the Midwest for 2 years, which means that I have some work to do.  My plan is to sell off all of our current furniture and start new. I like the idea of down sizing a little (we're moving into a two bedroom condo) and starting fresh with a brand new palette.

Since I can't take the lake with me, I am looking forward to incorporating some calm lake hues and colours (soon I'll have to start spelling it the U.S. way - Color!) into our new decor. I'm also super excited to take my time and hunt for some mid century modern furniture. The antique shops and markets of the Midwest can't be beat and my plan is to find every single item of our new place from a second hand source. That means craigslist, anitque malls, garage sales... reusing is great for the environment and easy on the wallet. I guess the thrill of the hunt doesn't hurt either.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on how it all goes with more blog posts and photos, and if you are from Chicago, please be sure to alert me of your fave antique shops and finds. I'd really appreciate it.

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