Flower Luv: Beating the Winter Blues on a Budget

I love fresh flowers. If I had my way, I would be buying fresh flowers each and every week. A study done on the mood-lifting effect of flowers in 2001 by Rutgers University showed that 72 percent of seniors who received one or two bouquets over a six-month period were happier than they had been. In a separate study, flowers evoked a stronger response than other gifts.

The problem is that fresh bouquets can carry a hefty price tag and at the end of the year you can run up to about $1300 bucks a year if you were to buy a $25 bouquet once a week.

I guess that's still cheaper than therapy, but I've figured out a solution to getting my weekly flower fix on about $200 a year.

The trick is to buy the cheaper "filler" flowers in bright colours and trim them down into mini bouquets.  The "filler" flowers shown above are $3.99 for the bunch and the green leaves are from a large money tree plant in my living room.I just trim the money tree every 3 months, and the leaves start to root in the little vases that I bought from Ikea. I just switch out the flowers every week with a new bunch of $3.99 "filler" flowers.

The bright colours really help to brighten up my day, and the pretty arrangement goes well with my decor no matter the choice of flowers at the market. Give it a try, take the time to smell the flowers and beat the winter blues... now where is that freakin' groundhog to herald the start of Spring?


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