Baby Shower Ideas: Keeping it Classy with Green

Recently, my older sister and I threw a baby shower for our younger sister. She's already had a little one before, but due to a hectic schedule, she never had a shower for the first one. Since she already had a ton of baby stuff, we asked a small group of her favorite people to only bring diapers as we wanted her to be surrounded by her good friends and the one truly useful gift.

I was in charge of favors and decor and so I opted to incorporate a bit of vintage elegance to the whole event. I also wanted to use my vintage depression-era glassware, and am lucky that they are a lovely shade of moss green to go with the theme. I kept everything pretty simple as I don't like anything too cutesy and am sick of seeing pastel pinks and blues along with baby animals all over a grown up event.  Sticking to a set color allowed for cohesion and made it easy to mix and match.

Here are the 10 simple supplies I used to decorate for this baby shower:
  • Green glassware (serving trays, goblets and cake stands)
  • 20 Green and silver balloons, filled with helium
  • 3 Bunches of white tulips
  • 4 Green candles
  • A bunch of doilies
  • 6 Green Place mats
  • 3 Green baskets holding prizes prizes
  • Herb Infused Sea Salt as take-away favors
  • 2 Simple grocery store cakes decorated with toy baby bottles and cocktail umbrellas
  • Finger foods and fruit all prepared by my older sister 
Overall, the party was a huge success. Guests ate, played 3 games and showered mom-to-be with lots of love and diapers. They also commented on how classy and elegant everything looked, not cutesy and with that I couldn't help but give myself a pat on the back. :)

 Mugs, Hot Chocolate mix and Chocolate as Prizes for the 3 baby shower games we played.


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