Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day Every Day

Happy Earth Day
Happy Earth Day!
Sorry I've been MIA for the past little while, the move to Chicago has had me crazy busy and living in limbo has been really hard on both me and mother nature. I find that Chicago is not as well accustomed to being environmentally friendly as the city of Toronto is and even finding simple recycling bins around town is proving difficult. 

In Chicago, I find that the clerks at shopping centers and grocery stores look at me like I have two heads when I tell them that I have my own reusable shopping bags... something that pretty much everyone in Toronto was accustomed to. I am also really sad to see so many plastic bottles of water all over the place, including on the ground. For that I am super happy that I have my own trusty reusable bottle that I can carry everywhere I go.

Making small changes to your day can go a long way to helping the environment all year long. For instance, refusing plastic straws, carrying your own cloth bags and reusable bottles, using more energy efficient light bulbs around the house and being mindful of reducing waste are just simple things we can all do to help the Earth.

Make today the day you started carrying your own bags, or the day you gave up plastic water bottles, and every year add on another feel good, do good, environmentally friendly habit. If not for yourself, think of the fact that we all want to a healthy and clean future for our children and grand children.

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