Chair Makeover: The Time I didn't DIY and Hired a Professional

A couple of months ago I bought a pair of super comfortable Bergere chairs off of Craigslist. I was really drawn to their beautiful shape but I bought them knowing that the faded fabric would need to be changed and the frames repainted. I went back and forth between teaching myself to re-upholster them or hiring someone to redo the chairs from top to bottom.

Me taking on the re-upholstering of the chairs would have meant saving money on the labor and being able to splurge on expensive fabric, but there was a huge risk of me damaging a pair of perfectly good chairs as it would be my first foray into furniture re-upholstery.

After much consideration, I decided to transfer my energy on reading local reviews of re-upholsterers. Thank God for yelp, because after sending numerous photos of my chairs to various re-upholstery shops, I finally found a guy that was awesome. He met with me, let me know that I needed about 12 yards of fabric and quoted me about $500 per chair to paint, refill and reupholster (that seemed steep at first, but that was actually the lowest of all the quotes I got and since new Bergere chairs go for double that price I went with it.)

I chose a gray shade for the frame and went with an off white canvas fabric that cost me about $20 per yard. Three weeks later, I had brand new chairs and couldn't be happier.

These past four months I've taken on about 15 different DIY projects, but with these chairs I knew I had reached my limit. I, for one, did not have any spare time on my hands to redo these chairs, nor the patience to spend tons of time learning a new skill.  Besides, I didn't want to ruin the chairs and was also sick of living in a sparsely decorated house. I was so ready for my decor to come together and I think they go really well with my new green throw pillows.

At the end of the day, I get the same pleasure from looking at these chairs that I would have had I re-did them myself. It makes me happy that I got to choose exactly the color and finish I wanted in addition to saving some money compared to what I would have paid had I bought them new.

Sometimes, you just gotta know when to give up and hire the right person to do the job better, faster, with less headache.

Let me know what you think!


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