Celebrating Christmas While Looking Ahead to 2015

It's almost Christmas! It's so exciting, because you know what that means? It means the whole house is decorated and I get to spend quality time with my family and friends. Usually around this time, I've already wrapped up all the presents, sent out all my greeting cards and the only thing left is to wrap my mind around all the goals I aim to accomplish in the new year.

Well this year was a bit of a whirlwind and I'm lucky I even got to decorate and wrap presents. Unfortunately I didn't get around to sending out Christmas cards... and the New Year resolutions are running amok in my head. 

Some of my resolutions are big and others are just small day-to-day tasks that I would like to adopt into my life and this year I have to figure out a way of prioritizing them all.

I know that for the new year I want to blog more. My life has been so crazy, but instead of blogging about it, I've been letting it all ride into distance memory. In the new year I want to be more candid, more open and let more people into my life.

I want to take better photos, take more photos, print more photos, and send more photos to friends and family. I want to buy less stuff, make more DIY gifts, take better care of the environment and spend more time researching eco-friendly solutions for everyday life.

I want to travel more, work more, laugh more and cook even more than I already do. I want to read more, sleep more, stress less and be more organized. In fact, I hope that by the end of the year, I can actually be organized enough to send out Christmas cards in 2015.

So here's to seeing more of each other in the new year, I can't wait!


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