Clever Ways to Reuse Plastic Food and Protein Containers

Wondering what to do with all the empty plastic food containers you've accumulated? In an effort to add more protein to my diet, I started buying protein powder for my post-workout shakes—two years later and I have about a 12 empty tubs sitting in my craft room.

5 Ways to Repurpose Empty Plastic Food Containers

Sure, at the very least you can recycle them. But I find that the labels come off easily and the containers very durable, leaving me wondering whether I can find other ways to reuse them. I'm thinking I can make little craft kits to store in the tubs for the nieces and nephews, or even drill a few holes and use the tubs as yarn separators or even twine or ribbon organizers.

In my search for the perfect project, I came across a number of genius ideas that might translate well to new uses for plastic protein powder tubs, or really any other type of plastic container you may have lying around.

1. Drill Holes and Make Luminaries or Lanterns

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I'm thinking of drilling a few holes into the plastic and placing LED christmas lights into them or a flameless candle to make pretty luminaries and lanterns — kind of like this:

Image Source: Essential Baby

2. Fill With Fun Games or Craft Kits

Image Source: Goodiy
This project not only makes practical use of plastic containers (score!), but also occupies the kiddos for at least half an hour of fun (though I hope for more). I'm thinking of decorating the protein tubs with my nieces' and nephews' names and stuffing each one with homemade games and kits like these:

Image Source: About Family Crafts
Image Source: Laughing Kids Learn

3.  Use as a Plastic Bag Caddy

Image Source: Mom Pinspiration
As hard as I try to decline plastic bags at stores and use my own reusable bags for groceries, once in a while I still end up coming home with a bunch of bags. I refuse to just throw them out, so I like to store them until I have a legitimate use for them. Storing plastic bags in protein powder containers is easy and convenient, especially for long road trips in the car when you might need a few plastic bags handy.

Just cut an opening in the lid or drill an extra wide hole. Decorating the container is optional, but adds a nice touch.

4. Make Yarn or Twine Canisters

Image Source: The Scrap Shoppe Blog 
Just use a drill to make a hole in the lid (just be sure to file the hole smooth so that the material doesn't catch). Drop your yarn inside, feed yarn or twine through the hole in the lid and voila!

5. Store Dishwasher or Laundry Detergent Pods

Image Source: Smart and Savvy Mom
Dishwasher and laundry detergent pods may be convenient but they are highly dangerous to little ones as they have been easily mistaken for bright colored candy.
Image Source: Consumer Reports
Store detergent pods out of sight by placing them in opaque plastic containers. Be sure to then place them high up and out of reach of young ones. You don't have to decorate the containers, but I like things to match my laundry room decor, so I'm going to paint mine and add some chalkboard paint labels.
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Let me know if you reuse your protein tubs in other clever ways. I'd love to hear about it.


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