Chicago Townhouse Condo Tour: Bright, Warm, and Collected

I've been really debating how to present our townhouse tour. Do I go room by room? Do I do before and afters? Should I just present our whole place in one go?

I figure since there is no perfect way, I might as well just start posting and see how it goes. So here it is, one complete house tour all in one go, with before and afters to come in future posts.

Collected Clutter to Bring Warmth to the Chicago Suburbs

My husband Andy and I have spent countless hours in antique shops large and small, all around the world. Sometimes we are in search of something specific, other times we roam aimlessly, looking for the perfect piece to speak to us. I love finding pieces that inspire nostalgia, he loves historical pieces that teach you about how people used to live. At first he used to just humor me on these antiquing trips and use it as an excuse to look for music records, but now he approaches antiquing like a trip to the museum — where he has access to varied artifacts that tell interesting stories.

Having brought many artifacts home from these antiquing trips, the move from Toronto to Chicago was a big undertaking. Moving our whole life consisted of taking stock of everything we had, and well, selling most of it. We kept only the pieces that spoke most to us, packed what we could fit in a storage pod container and had our things shipped to Chicago. 

After many weeks of looking for the perfect place to live, we settled on an open concept condo townhouse in the suburbs of Chicago to be closer to Andy's work. Rush hour traffic is no joke in Chicago, and we figured it was better to enjoy spending time together versus sitting in traffic for about 2 hours each way (and that's simply for a 24 mile drive!)

Our Townhouse Tour

The townhouse was very outdated and needed a ton of work, but from first glance I knew it was all pretty much cosmetic and wouldn't take long to customize to our preferences. I didn't know how it was all going to look when I was done with it, but I knew I wanted lots of white walls, dark floors and ample lighting to highlight all of our collected pieces.

We hired help for the floors and painting of the walls, but I tore out the 17 year old wall-to-wall carpeting from every inch of the place with my bare hands, and I DIY'ed everything I could get my hands on, i.e. the lighting, kitchen counters, sanding the stairs and creating a runner, bathrooms and so on. I will try my best to post each of those DIY projects as a separate post to come.

Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen


Master Bedroom and Bath

Guest Bedroom and Bath

Basement Gym and Bath


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