Gender Neutral Nursery: Sophisticated Safari

I'm officially 35 weeks pregnant and I think I've finally settled on a theme for the baby's nursery. Most people have not been shy in calling us crazy to our faces — they just can't believe that we willingly chose not to find out the sex of the baby. It doesn't really bother me though, so I just smile and let them know that I don't care either way and am just praying for a healthy, happy baby and a safe delivery.

"But, but..." they persist, "how are you going to know how to decorate the nursery?"

I can't help but laugh at that comment. I really don't think the baby is going to care what the nursery looks like. Besides, even if I knew whether the baby was going to be a girl or a boy, the colors I choose would never be pink or blue. I think gender assigned colors are outdated and quite frankly, both colors feel a little depressing to me. In fact, I feel best when surrounded by light, bright shades of white, yellow and gold, so that's the direction I'm going.

I would never paint my own room pink or blue, so why would I choose those colors for a room that I am going to be spending hours nursing, changing and playing with my kid in?

How I Chose a Safari Theme for the Nursery

Anyhow, as with any decorating project. I usually take stock of the decor pieces I have have on hand. Since I have a habit of buying items that speak to my soul, even when I don't yet have a place for such objects, I always have a few pieces in the garage or in storage just waiting to be put on display.

For the nursery, I knew I wanted to use one of the painting my hubby and I had bought on our honeymoon in South Africa (check out some of our honeymoon pictures if you are up for it). On that trip we bought two large oil paintings on canvas of safari animals, which needed to be framed as we had brought the rolled up canvas home on the airplane.

Knowing I wanted to use the elephant piece because of the grays and gold colors in it, I set about researching the most eco friendly cribs and mattresses on the market. After settling on the Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 crib, I created a polyvore collage to get my ideas on one page and voila! I came up with the image I have posted here in this blog post.

The best part, I think that this room can grow with the baby. For actual pictures of the nursery, come back soon as I'll be posting those once I finish the final touches.


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